An award-winning coffee roaster is not exactly what Kerry Johnston imagined he would eventually become.  Kerry admits to 'stumbling' upon a passion for roasting coffee 20 years ago.  Whilst working in accounting and finance, Kerry spent time with coffee roasters and appreciated the art and science behind a perfectly roasted blend.

Kerry's Story

Everyone loves a great cup of coffee and the coffee culture in Australia values the craftsmanship that goes into that perfect cup. Kerry loves the interaction with customers just as much as the roasting process itself. When he’s on the road delivering to local businesses, or caffeinating parents early in the morning on the sporting pitch, nothing about what he does feels like a job. 

Kerry loves to talk about coffee and welcomes anyone to pull up a chair where he roasts his award-winning blends in the Port Macquarie Industrial Park. He entered his first blend in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show in 2003 to see how his coffee measured against other small batch coffee roasters across the state. He walked away with an impressive bronze and has collected many more since then. The awards are nice – but that’s not what drives Kerry and his staff to deliver the best roast they can. Being recognised as a high-quality roaster is a benchmark that assures them that customers are enjoying the best coffee in Australia. It’s their vote that matters most.

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Kerry's Story


We're not ones to brag, but you might like to know that we've won just a few awards for our coffees over the years...

Sydney Fine Food Show
  • 2015- Bronze - Colombian Pitalito Supremo ( Espresso/Short Black )
  • 2014 - Silver - European Blend ( Plunger category )
  • 2013 - Silver – Brazilian Blend
  • 2013 - Bronze – European Blend
  • 2010 - Silver – Supreme Roast
  • 2009 - Silver – European Blend ( Espresso/ Short Black category )
  • 2009 - Bronze – European ( Plunger category )
  • 2008 - Silver – European Special
  • 2007 - Bronze – Brazilian Blend
  • 2006 - Silver – European Plunger Special
  • 2006 – Bronze – Brazilian Blend
  • 2004 – Bronze
  • 2003 – Bronze
Melbourne RAS Fine Food Show
  • 2012 – Bronze – European Blend
  • 2011 – Bronze – Supreme Roast

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